winter 2014/spring 2015 to now and onward!

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So so much has happened…and my ability to use technology is sporadic yet gaining traction. lets just go through the map of time and you will see!:

FALL 2015:

First i had the evocative creative time with the first:

CHICKEN BANK COLLECTIVE/fall residency/Colorado-

We rocked it out. check out this link to see more.


We made a kickass video from this residency as well!!!:



<p><a href=”″>Chicken Bank Collective</a> from <a href=””>Gabriela. Bosque Negro.</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


10733753_467451973394508_7979934516816250878_o IMG_1871 10714325_467446856728353_660365172425321697_o 10620366_467449843394721_3883130001919077197_o 10517427_467444723395233_4682323405917302156_o 10507000_467224803417225_7606060071201831350_o 10479088_467225893417116_7852174828696383353_o 10403926_467224463417259_7536952985877832925_o 1502257_467444643395241_167540685624539624_o 1601806_467451700061202_4005656116415319174_o 1658319_467451296727909_8646107508721998876_o 1263901_467223653417340_2282657957124931768_o


My residency at Julie Rothschilds Movement Studio was super rewarding. We had a showing of my art work as well as dance for film projects. then the practice of making workshop drew an incredible group of makers who stretched their artistic muscles, connected with each other and made magic happen:


IMG_1959 IMG_1891 IMG_1909 IMG_1958 IMG_1945



WINTER 2014/2015

i did it! i packed it up and moved to North Carolina! did i find a huge warehouse space? not yet. but i found a delightful spot that is the home to my art studio: CABIN. i am still fixing, making and sorting as i keep up with my residencies. now i have yet another home to add to my list. (cause i keep all my other hometowns/communities very much alive!!!)




i did this move while simultaneously painting the set for PEP’s (performer exchange project) Pip and Twig show, premiering in Round Room, then showcased at Live Arts!

check them out!!!



will may took this stunning photo of sian richards and kara burke in pip and twig!


then i immediately went to teach at UDLAP in january! the dancers were open, creative, smart, hardworking and gorgeous movers. i was able to do a little CHICKEN BANK COLLECTIVE work with cinthia as well as spend quality time with my dear friends and peers! te amo cholula!IMG_2367

IMG_2323 IMG_2487 IMG_2433 IMG_2448 IMG_2455 IMG_2477 IMG_2410 IMG_2390  IMG_2497



and then the practice of making happened in with another group of inspired and inspiring movers/singers/writers. we were gifted with an incredible space to explore. this time in charlottesville, VA. julie and i are continuing to grow our empathic intuitive creative connection as teachers, and right now as makers!


P1000374 P1000390 P1000405 P1000433 P1000440

and as of 2 days ago i have been in colorado preparing for:

chicken bank collective spring residency/colorado 2015 cuz it

is starting right now! check out our facebook page for updates on all the happenings!!!


we are gathering to make new work, perform, film for our dance for film projects, organize our next full year of chicken bank collective work, create a website and other marketing branding stuff as well as craft a fundraiser for our artistic/community/activist/education work!!!!


this is the beginning first draft. we are already 10 drafts down the line….i will share the final product later!


as always…..more later!

the fall!!!!

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here goes folks! big moves. giant changes! and not really…

after a super full summer…..

*the incredible penland scholarship class of print making with unber talented karen kunc rocked my art world as i pushed my craft and discipline to a new level….


IMG_0944 IMG_0946 IMG_0950 IMG_0966 IMG_0990 IMG_0992 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1037

*into a cross country road trip/research travel making my way through some of the spots i hope to have residencies at in the future……


IMG_1116 IMG_1123 IMG_1157 IMG_1176 IMG_1186 IMG_1196 IMG_1201 IMG_1231 IMG_1232 IMG_1273 IMG_1428 IMG_1360 IMG_1363 IMG_1400

*as well as completing the native pond architectural details from the scraps of the build out project; super duper proud of that work!…….


IMG_1090 IMG_1089 IMG_1077 IMG_1694

….i am moving out of my beloved house and much loved cville….to down size and be more available for travel and projects, teaching, making dance, making art, and always; activism. i am entering into a terrifying new world where all my bravery will be needed: as i start working towards my community supporting my community work. and i want to have a large studio space that is affordable and ready for big scale sculpture and paintings, as well as dance and dance for film work. i am scoping out my residencies for the next year ( for me it will always start in the fall….) as well as my new home base. and as all dat falls into place i am sharing with you the first residency of the year!!!!

sponsored by the talented julie rothschild in boulder colorado, at her brand new studio, i will co teach a work shop, plus classes; as well as make work with julie and start a new dance for film! all in a month!!! yehaw! bring it….

there are still some spaces left in our awesome work shop: check it.

more later!


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sooooo…mexico was fabulous! PERFORMATICA is such a special time and gathering of folks. the rehearsal process for ANIMAL 2 was dreamy, and the show; touching and powerful. the workshop me and julie taught on ritual and performance was super strong with a large, feisty and dedicated group of artists that really went there! they rocked out the class. arcadio was amazing as our live musician and all 3 of us have dreams and desires to lead more workshops together.

my classes went swimmingly (site specific work and creating performance scores) and i remembered, yet again, how much i love and gain from teaching. the students gave great feed back so i know they are receiving experience and knowledge also, which is reassuring. give give, its the way to go. and the classes i was lucky enough to take taught me so much, in ways i didn’t expect. incredibly, i saw 2 of my top 10 dance performances of my life this time! wow, wow and wow!

plus a lot of scheming and dreaming with a crew of us on how to keep working together, how to gather and make work, teach together, make dance for film….the brainstorming parts of my being are in high gear!!!!

now the full on finishing of native pond is at hand, and it is a driven time and lovely to work on. the mosaic wall from the discarded wood scraps from the retro-fit was finished off by one of my fave collaborators, grady smith. the big sliding inside barn doors are covered by scrap pieces of copper, all hand pounded by yours truly. no edges was left unfolded and my hands have not recovered yet. the chandelier root ball is going strong as well as an amazing chalk board wall aka the invitation wall, pendant lamps from beaver chewed sticks and copper wire from the tear out. it is all looking great, the other folks on the crew are super sweet to work beside. maya wood is the main contractor holding it all together and also a collaborator for a lot of my work, especially the root ball chandelier. the owner of native pond really picked a stellar team and she has her hand in most of the design choices! go team go!

after may i am looking at a whirlwind summer of weddings, art making and dance projects….plus going through all my things to lighten the load and embrace at least a year as a traveling artist/activist. at hand productions would be full out gypsy style! more on that later as i wait for some of the dance projects to fully gel. no matter what, half of june will have me printmaking for 2 weeks at penland school of fine arts and crafts in north carolina!

and interspersed between everything is me trying to figure out my new smart phone and how to upload more media to my media. so look forward to pictures very soon!!!!

winter is winding down, kinda…here’s the spring plan!

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it is actually snowing again, even as i write! maybe more fabulous sledding is at hand. and in less than 3 weeks i will be traveling to mexico to teach, take class and perform in performatica 2014! so exciting! right now i am in the frantic pace of online virtual rehearsals with julie rothchild, director of ANIMAL,  which she is taking to mexico with a mostly new cast. me, amanda and julie are the old school animals, with ray, cinthia, denisse, paola, cristina, and katharine joining in! (if those names don’t ring a bell, just know they are kick ass dancers i have been honored to have worked with for years!)  julie and i touch down 6 days before the festival to make a brand new dance with the new folks, Edinburgh style, with amanda and katharine jetting in the night before the opening! fast and dirty! but with this seasoned crew, it will be HOT ! (even though we will be missing the original cast!)

i am spending more time in my art studio and out on site, constructing architectural details and lamps for native pond, using beaver chewed sticks, scrap wood and copper from the site, refitted fixtures from the tear out! it is starting to speed up, as i work hard to finish the mosaic sound wall before i go to mexico! upon my return, the whirlwind of work will ensue, as EVERYTHING must be done before june!

things may be postponed indefinably when it comes to the sculpture project in winston-salem, with dempsey calhoun. we will make our own project together, in the future, yet we are still holding out to see if CCC will go forward with our proposal. fingers crossed.

an incredible bit of news came just a few days ago in the form of a letter from PENLAND school of arts and crafts, awarding me a work scholarship for a printmaking workshop this summer!!!!! i am thrilled! this is the 4th time i applied! and actually, the first time i ever got a scholarship type thang, even after applying to 3 different grants! perhaps i have broken the spell and more will wash in! i had a lot of help in getting it! thanks peeps!

and lastly, i have been doing the painful work of gathering all my videos and pictures of my work. first is the unearthing and soon i may be able to share other bits of the cville show as marco duran is back in town and plugging away at the video and documentary. he is doing a lion’s share of work with hundreds of hours shot! he rules! so here is the compiled already created slew of videos, so many: i created a page-UNEARTHING VIDEOS! enjoy!









back from my fall adventures!!!! what is winter gonna be like?

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because of the government shut down we had this wondrous place all to ourselves....

because of the government shut down we had this wondrous place all to ourselves….

wow. the last 3 months have been some of the most incredible ever. strong words as i feel that i mostly live a charmed life and have already had such awe inspiring moments. the family art show was a deeply moving experience with such joy to be working with my mom and bro’s and the art out put blew my mind! then ANIMAL rocked it out as a dance was crafted on the ground in atlanta in just a few days…after much work before hand in different areas of the usa.all the dancers kicked it in too full throttle. working with julie and john again was dreamy. in a very good way.

pix of the art show soonish...

pix of the art show soonish…
after we made it happen! yep!

after we made it happen! yep!

in the fray of that creative explosion my dear friend amber texted me with a last minute invite to go down the friggin colorado river  on kipchoge’s trip (permit of loren’s)–i had less than 24 hours to make that choice while frantically supporting our dress rehearsal! yikes! and such a gift of the universe! and of amber and kipchoge!!!~to be back on the colorado river in the grand canyon after 10 years was like a tonic of awesome in my much thirsty veins. i met some very special people…in all ways- and fell in love over and over again with each new slot canyon, each new vista or rapid or camp site.

one of the most beautiful dances i have seen

one of the most beautiful dances i have seen
kipchoge(trip leader), paul(rock the bike) and mike cobb(antload) doing a site specific performance.

kipchoge(trip leader), paul(rock the bike) and mike cobb(antload) doing a site specific performance.

best boat guide ever!

best boat guide ever!

chris made my day

chris made my day

getting serious about the doll house

getting serious about the doll house

sweet sisters clair and cicil with paul

sweet sisters clair and cicil with paul

alot of the crew

alot of the crew

superstars sabrina and cristine with cicil

superstars sabrina and cristine with cicil

all of this would be brutal to leave and re-enter into the world as it stands if i didn’t have the oasis of burns hill to go to afterwards to live and work. enjoying my sweet friends amber and murrey’s land and unending hospitality as we painted houses, cleaned roofs, washed windows, dug gardens, worked the gardens, stacked wood and just got around to living on the land. the folks on the ridge are kindred spirits and my tent i blinged out Bedouin style served me oh so well—there were many fires and dancing even, amidst the work. i really didn’t want to leave. and the yuba my my-always a bit crushed out on that one! plus i got to see some of my dear friends in the san fran area! incredible time with abby on point reyes, so breath taking  all of our hikes! and i didn’t get to see some very important folks…hitch hiking and catching rides makes it hard to plan if you also have no cell or wifi. (just means i have to go back soon..or they come east-it is possible west coasters!) portland was unveiled to me by my beloved uncle chuck aka chuck in a super fun flurry in just 48 hours. must go back!

the snowstorm my last weekend on burns hill

the snowstorm my last weekend on burns hill

example of ridge fire awesome with sara and arim

example of ridge fire awesome with sara and arim

ye old school house dance space with kevin

ye old school house dance space with kevin

gallant things happened while i was on the mountain. and tragic ones too-as i was mostly removed from wifi and cell coverage knowing about or doing super fast things was very difficult. i did found out ANIMAL got excepted to PERFORMATICA as well as my 2 classes, so mexico here i come in spring! yet one of the things about being a traveler in your most inner nature is that: often you have unlooked for magic…of which i was very fortunate to experience in abundance on the river and after……and: often you miss really important things. 1 of the most important ones was the celebration of the life of my dear friend gabe silverman. a mentor-a supporter of all of my art endeavors in cville as well as the kinda of friend you had more than one life changing unlooked for mystical talks with-gabe passed away and i will have to find my way to his grave and to our goodbyes on my you gabe. 

one of my heros

one of my heros

being back in my home in cville is confusing. out west on the land-even in the bay area or up the coast i felt extremely happy…knew i needed to pack it up-get my full time travel on. back here, in my beautiful home with all my art studios and old school friends and sweet cville (although more development happened when i was gone then in the last 10 years…) i am at an empass. yet still need to pay back the unearthing and work towards lightening my load. who knows what will be. i’ve just gotta work my ass of this winter. i am super inspired by all my bike friends to build out an extra cycle my pal molly gave me. i want to self publish my petal books. remember that this eco-system is incredible and break old habits and get out in it. i want my west coast buddies to visit. gotta make fun baby books for the new ones here or on the way. plan sacred mischief for the weddings on the horizon. check back in with karl frost about canada dances. work on the dance film with cinthia and the art project with dempsy still a go? i want to teach. make dances with out producing…..perhaps i make a year plan…then we shall see,yep.

watch out.we are reunited!

watch out.we are reunited!

having work at the tea house and blue moon diner is so friggin cool. talk about thankful! and i will be doing art based architectural details to my good friend kay’s incredible music and dance studio build out from re-used and retro stuff. can not wait! i travel to the party for the completed WILDERS GROVE PROJECT i helped my bro matt with at the end of the month. and more art is coming. now i just need to find a way to dance more. enjoy my peeps here. not miss my peeps and the land out west so much! life is good. let’s have a pot luck and a fire!

love to pee out side. here in the desert eco system you pee in the giant water of the colorado river

love to pee out side. here in the desert eco system you pee in the giant water of the colorado river

FINALLY!!!! i have my fall figured out!

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sooo…after much thought and agonizing: narrowing down and also deep wonder at how many incredible opportunities i have been offered—-choices have been made!

~firstly, i am in the deep of making an art show that will open SEPTEMBER 7th @ the Electric Mustache Gallery @ Krankies in the warehouse in winston-salem, NC. and incredibly, i will be sharing the show with my fam:

Jeff McConnell has been generous with his time and talent to bring fine art pin hole camera photograph to join my strange animally creatures.! plus he will show his hand made cameras for the opening! after he said yes!124-6-600x260

i then asked my other bro Matt McConnell if he would show one of his ice moons, a 2 day interactive ice sculpture…and he said yes!57955_10153058953625114_1158273912_n

so then i talked to my mom, Betty McConnell and found out if she would show some of her stained glass lamps and panels..(plus bring some of her cookies on her glass fired platters!)GetAttachment.aspxGetAttachment.aspxGetAttachment.aspx

it’s a family affair! now i have to get my act together!

~this will be happening while i engage in a on-line rehearsal and frantic training stint for the dance piece ANIMAL: created, produced and directed by Julie Rothchild, of which i will be part of the production team and also perform. this happens mid september in atlanta GA at SKWIRLHAUS a new grassroots venue for dance. and in order for it to happen julie is running a kickstarter champaign! check it out!

all of this is happening at the same time as tevyn east’s carnival de resistance and i have had to scramble to make sure i see a full weekend of their incredible shows. you must not miss this!!! the show starts in harrisonburg, VA and travels by bike to charlottesville,VA!!!

~then i made the hard descion to miss dia de los muertos and denisse cardenas’s offreda de momento project in cholula, Mexico (not being part of this or more part of tevyn’s carnival de resistance has been breaking my heart..) !

306379_10150330351492540_296763622_n 312686_10150902969845634_906836174_n

this is in order to spend some time camping on amber and murray’s beautiful land in the sierra nevada mountain range near the yuba river. i am happy to be in cali  while i help build, chain saw  and do other work to  save up some monies so i can be more free to follow my passions in the future. yes, i will be working my ass off. and yes, i will be in the wilds, hiking and camping and living…in a way that i haven’t in, well,.. way too long.


(picture of pal daniel east when me and tevyn and him were chillaxing and enjoying feats of wonder on the yuba…)

after all of this, who knows what the winter will hold. maybe a potluck or 2. definitely some major sleep-in days.

thank you video now released

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as one of the kickstarter rewards we said we would make a thank you dance video with wild animals, giant ears, glitter and bunnies. after having it available to our amazing sponsors of the unearthing for a year, i have been trying to release this to everyone, yet to no avail. maybe it will happen this time..(me and technology have a tenuous relationship..)

marco duran filmed it. he and paola de la conche edited it.

featuring the core unearthing dancers….(knowing that so many others were in the performance!) enjoy.

the spring of many projects

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first, just a quick comment. i am way better at managing huge projects or : just doing nothing than= micro managing many many projects. how do people do it?

here’s what i am working on:

~ helping my bro matt mcconnell on his awesome public art piece he designed with marc russo and lee cherry for the new platinum leed certified recycling center, in raleigh nc…check out

to see how you could get involved…i am helping the artists navigate the stormy yet exhilarating waters of community outreach and volunteer builds. we are figuring it out as we go!

~ had a very successful encaustic painting house art show and now my mom, glass artist betty mcconnell, has hooked me up with a gallery in sparta, nc- so i am busily trying to get it together to put my stuff there, uh, in less than a week.

my photographer brother jeff mcconnell took this pix. he rocks!:

color maptea bunny

~ i am in process with creative corridors  coalition in winston-salem nc, to do a collaborative public art piece ( hopefully, potentially..) for 3 high schools sharing the same place, with dempsy calhoun, the awesome sculpture extraordinaire…

~ in the begining throes with cinthia to pull together an exchange dance film with cville and puebla this fall….we have the dreams and we are staring to pursue them…dairy/kerner/cin

incredible photo by will kerner

~ investigating a potential project in the great bear national forest with karl frost…maybe???….

~ making all my studios their best: sewing-drawing-painting-enacuatic painting-sculpture-light making-beads-book making…yep, all separate studios in my house, so that is epic work of organization and cobbling my crap together…cuz…

~i have an art show at the electric moustach at krankies in winston this sept…argh! yea!!! whoa!

plus working tons to get caught up financially from the unearthing and hopefully, soon, i will have footage from the cville show from talented videographer, marco duran.

life is full. i want to swim more.

spring 2013…..what is up????

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SO…as i strive to be more media consistent i am posting some beautiful video’s of what the unearthing crew did in Mexico exactly 1 year ago!

also: a brief description of what @hand was up to this past year!

~2011/2012 spring had us doing the incredible work of the unearthing in charlottesville , va usa and puebla, mexico….for more info on that go to:

~then i did all the costumes, set pieces, props and was a crew member of the wildly amazing MAD WOMEN PROJECT, the brain child of Kay Ferguson, from may 2012-september 2012

~then from october 2012-january 2013 i rested a bit (in between shifts at the Twisted Branch Tea House, The Blue Moon Diner and The Black Market Moto Saloon…thank the stars for my restaurant peeps!)

~February had cinthia come from mexico for a visit, where we dreamed of the future, remembered all the past projects and got in a spontaneous photo shoot with Will Kerner that has us wanting to do more!


~i am leaving in 3 days to go to Penland to take a 1 week encaustic painting class with Lisa Pressman…as i also have 2 meetings with North Carolina Artists about some future collaborations! yahoo!

now Mexico the unearthing videos…enjoy!

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